About us

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April Masters, Facility Director

April Masters has been with the Ministry for amazing 15 years. April has a passion for child care and introducing the love of God to children at young ages.  

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Olga Grove, Administrative Director

Olga Grove has been with the Ministry since we started our mission 18 years ago. She is an essential part of the Ministry. Her love for the safety and wellbeing of our students is invaluable. 

Our Staff
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Mrs. Katie is a very loving teacher with a heart for the Lord and the Babies. We are proud to say that she has been part of our ministry for 10 years.

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Ms. Jessica always has something fun planned for her curious ones. She has been with our ministry for 3 years.

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Young Twos:

Ms. Maya is a new addition to our Ministry and has already made a wonderful connection with her students. 

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Older Twos:

Ms. Dawnessa is one of our veteran employees at 12 years and counting! She is a blessing to every child she serves.

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Ms. Doralynn is an amazing new addition to our staff. Her love and dedication to her students is a blessing to our Ministry. 

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Mrs. Masters has been with our Ministry for 15 years and has a passion for preparing children for kindergarten.

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Mrs. Nicole has been a teacher's aid for 3 years. Her help is invaluable and the children love her!